What happened to
Virtual Giving?

We're still here. Just going by a different (and better) name these days.

Here's the story in a nutshell ...

The most strategic business decision we've made in our firm’s 19-year history happened a few years ago when we acquired the domain PlannedGiving.Com. The second and third smartest decisions were purchasing PlannedGiving.Net and PlannedGiving.Org (reserved for clients only).

These are golden domains, and they did not come cheaply or easily. Skillful negotiating was required. But it was well worth it — for us and our clients! We use these domains to maximize search engine optimization for our clients. It’s one of the biggest reasons our sites consistently rank No. 1 in Google searches.

So if you’re wondering what happened to VirtualGiving.com, rest assured: The same marketing savvy that introduced planned giving to the Internet back in 1999 is driving PlannedGiving.com into the future.

We’re a marketing firm, first and foremost, and we know how to make planned giving websites easy for nonprofits to manage and easy for donors to find.

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Planned gifts can get complicated. Marketing them shouldn't be.™

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